Malibu Trio 11 Review-Best Fishing And Diving Package

Malibu trio 11 review_

Whether you are an enthusiastic fisherman, preparing for the first cast before the day starts, or an extraordinaire adventurer mapping out every corner of water around the globe. Perhaps you are a fitness aficionado looking for new thrilling ways to develop your physique.

Fishing, diving or spending quality time with family, no matter the reason is, you are a swabbing and the Malibu Trio II is the ideal kayak for you. It was never so economical for your family to go for kayaking activity with great possibilities. For the recreational paddlers, anglers and fitness experts we have arranged this Malibu Trio II review.

Malibu Kayaks Trio-11 Fish and Dive Package Sit on Top Kayak

  • Seating for one, two, or one plus two child, 500 lbs. maximum capacity, perfect for families
  • High quality, durable recreational family kayak, made in the USA
  • Great kayak for families, tandem or single rider
  • Fish and Dive package includes center hatch and Gator Hatch for extra seating and storage

Malibu Trio 11 Review – 3 Persons Kayak

For more than a decade, Malibu Kayaks have been creating kayaks that are based on the important notes for the kayakers. The Malibu Trio 11 is designed with high-quality material, versatility, stability and dry seating elements. This kayak comes in an affordable budget for curious kayaker and hardcore enthusiasts.

The kayaker is allowed to get full access to the hull with the Trio-11 gator hatch patented designs. It also provides additional storage as well as a child seat. There is a cockpit area with foot wells and a seating area in the middle of the kayak. On each side of the center rectangular hatch, there is a standing platform which is perfect for cast fishing in shallow water or stand-up paddlers.

The scuppers (holes inside the cockpit) allow the kayak to drain off. So, you see this made in the USA kayak comfortably seats for three and still have sufficient storage with great stability. 


  • Distance lengthwise: 11’4”; Width: 33”, Depth: 13”; weight: 48 LBS
  • Maximum capacity: 500LBS
  • Soft grip handles
  • Small bungee storage and back well bungee storage
  • Gator hatch & Gator seat
  • Adjustable footrest paddles
  • Cup holder
  • Scupper hole
  • Rectangular hatch
  • Nylon lashing hook
  • Bungee side carrying handle with paddle holder
  • Eyelet with front and back strap seating
  • Seat drainage
  • Flush mount rod holder
  • Shock cord cleat
  • Nylon bungee hook
  • 13” x 13” Milk Crate placement
  • Backwell seat
  • Hull drainage
  • Motor inserts/ rudder kit
  • X-Wing sliding console
  • 5 Gal. live bait bucket
  • Universal rudder kit

Main Features Of Malibu Trio 11


Stability is the key component of the Malibu Trio 11 kayak. As stability is their first priority, this kayak comes with unique hull designs.


This 500 lb capacity kayak has an ultra-density that ensures longevity and strength. After deep research and carefully design, this kayak goes through rigid testing both in-house and out in the field to be confirmed of quality.

Long Lasting

The Malibu Trio-11 is a long-lasting kayak, as the highest grade special formula resin is used for giving this kayak more lasting capability.

Great Capacity

Though this kayak is one of the lightest, it boasts an average capacity of carrying weight.

Made in the USA Kayak

The Malibu Trio 11 is built as well as operated in the Golden State, USA. This is the place of crystal lakes where there are divers, fishermen and paddlers year round. So, this indicates the efficiency and knowledge that Malibu kayaks use in their production and manufacturing.

Great for family trips

This kayak is the best option if you are planning a trip with your family. This multi-functional Trio-11 comes with a patented design seat that you can safely take your little one on board.

Sufficient storage

This kayak has a sufficient storage area in the middle. You can store the equipment of your fishing trip or any other gears here. The basket equipped in the rectangular hatch is removable which provides accessibility of utilizing for a large storage to the kayak.

This Is Our Pros And Cons


  • Comfortable kayaking and great stability
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Superb durability
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Suitable for family trips


  • You may find it a bit slower than other kayaks

What Do I like about The Malibu Trio 11 Kayak?

This innovative kayak understands well what a kayaker searches in his kayak. It is an upgraded, standard quality and perfect for a family trip. I can take this 500 lbs capacity kayak for the river trip in any season along with my family. As this kayak’s Gator Hatch provides a built-in design seat so I can count my little one safely for the journey. It is rigid, very easy to use and all-time ready to serve you the best through your thrilling water trips. And the best thing is that even after seating three comfortably in the kayak; there is still enough storage space to store your fishing staffs or any other gear. So this is a kayak with sufficient place for three and roomy storage for your gears.

What I Don’t Like about the Malibu Trio-11 Kayak

There is nothing perfect in the world. So is this kayak. Despite its other superb features, it is not so good in speed. If you want speed in your kayaking than you should consider any other option. But for a seafarer, this made in USA kayak is the ideal vessel to enjoy every single wave.

Maintenance Tips for Malibu Trio 11

Undoubtedly this kayak is good for any reason or any season. If you follow a few maintenance rules then that will surely increase the longevity period of your kayak. I have tried to give you a short guide on maintenance in this Malibu Trio 11 review. After every use, you should thoroughly wash your kayak with water. Don’t forget to wash foot pegs as well as all hardware with sufficient fresh water. It is mandatory to do after paddling in polluted or brackish water and saltwater.

Final Verdict

It was my humble way to present the Malibu Trio 11 review to you guys. For experiencing great moments, vivid adventures, wild stories, pleasant travels, and a lifetime memories the Malibu Trio 11 is the best one you should choose. Along with the stylish design and innovative model this kayak will surely impress you.